A Night Out (1915)

A Night Out is a 1915 Charlie Chaplin comedy short. It was Chaplin’s first film with Edna Purviance, who would continue as his leading lady for the following eight years. It was also Chaplin’s first film with Essanay Film Company in Niles, California. Chaplin’s first Essanay film, His New Job, was made in the Chicago studio, after which he moved to Niles Studios. He found Purviance in San Francisco when he was searching for a leading lady for his films. A Night Out also stars Ben Turpin, Leo White and Bud Jamison.

Alternative titles: Champagne Charlie, Charley trekt er een nachtje op uit, Carlitos se Diverte, Пияндета, Chaplin na námluvách, Charlie na námluvách, Chaplin paa Sold, Charlot en bombe, Charlot fait la noce, Eine verbummelte Nacht, Βραδιά διασκέδασης, Viharos éjszaka, Le notti bianche di Charlot, Una sera fuori di casa, アルコール夜通し転宅, Charlie się bawi, Charlot Zaragateiro, O noapte fara somn, Ночь напролет, Carlitos va de juerga, Charlot se va de juerga, Charlot trasnochador, Hela natten lång, Şarlo Eğleniyor, Цілу ніч, Charlie’s Drunken Daze, Charlie’s Night Out, His Night Out, Nocni izlazak

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