David and Goliath (1960)

When the Philistines attack, the Israelites are hopeless against the fierce giant Goliath and don’t know what to do. King Saul takes the advice of the prophets and sends an adolescent shepherd, David, into battle to conquer the oversized Philistine. David is victorious and becomes the King of Israel.

Alternative titles: David y Goliat | David und Goliath | David and Goliath | David en Goliath | David et Goliath | David e Golias | David og Goliath | Daavid ja Goljat | David kai Goliath | Δαυίδ και Γολιάθ | Dávid és Góliát | ダビデとゴライアス | Dawid i Goliat | David si Goliat | David och Goliath | Давид и Голиаф | Davut ve Golyat

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