De la part des copains (1970)

During the Korean War, Joe Moran, is convicted for striking a colonel. Imprisoned in Germany he encounters his former company commander Captain Ross, jailed for black marketeering. Together with Ross’ cohorts Joe agrees to escape with them, but things go wrong and a policeman is killed. An appalled Joe escapes by himself, abandoning the others, who are recaptured. Years later Joe has a boat rental business where he is found by Ross. Now a wanted drug smuggler he wants the use of Joe’s boats and to ensure his cooperation, they kidnap his wife and daughter.

Alternative titles: Los visitantes de la noche | Los compañeros del diablo | Kalter Schweiß | Cold Sweat | De vrienden laten groeten | Стари сметки | Студена пот | Visitantes na Noite | De la Part des Copains | Sudor frío | Kold sved | Revenge | Gold Sweat | Rautaiset hermot | Kylmäverinen | Κρύος ιδρώτας | Συμβόλαιο θανάτου | Οι επισκέπτες της νύχτας | Kryos idrotas | Oi episkeptes tis nyhtas | Symvolaio thanatou | Ένα ήσυχο κάθαρμα | Ena isyho katharma | Hideg veríték | L’uomo dalle due ombre | 夜の訪問者 | 배신자 | De Indringers | De kom om natten | Sudor frio | Zimny pot | Desforra entre Amigos | Sudoare rece | Iskalla nerver | Varuj se prijateljev | Холодный пот | Gece misafirleri | From the Boys | Cuvaj se prijatelja

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