Ercole alla conquista di Atlantide (1961)

King Androcles of Thebes commands a ship in search of a threat to Greece, predicted by an atmospheric oracle. Hercules is part of the crew, but the strongman falls overboard in a thick fog. Washed ashore, he saves a young Ismene from Proteus, an evil, shape-shifting creature. Ismene takes Hercules to Atlantis, where he discovers that her mother, Queen Antinea, has captured Androcles. Hercules schemes to rescue him and thwart Antinea’s dream of world conquest.

Alternative titles: Antinea, Hercule a la conquete de L’Atlantide | Antinea, Hercule veroveraart van Atlantis | Hércules na Conquista de Atlântida | Herkules og piratdronningen | La conquista de la Atlántida | Herkules – Atlantiksen valloittaja | Hercule à la conquête de l’Atlantide | Hercules Conquers Atlantis | O iraklis katakta tin Atlantida | Hércules a la conquista de la Atlántida | Hercules verovert Atlantis | Hércules, o Conquistador | Herkul osvaja Atlantidu | Herkules erövrar Atlantis | Геркулес покоряет Атлантиду | Atlantid Fatihi Herkül | Hercules and the Captive Women | Herkules erobert Atlantis | Hercules and the Haunted Women

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