Flora (1948)

An unusual cartoon that equates a dog/cat rivalry with a spurned lover relationship. A dog about to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge explains his actions. He was living peacefully when suddenly, Flora, a Siamese cat, entered his life. He chased after her but she caught him and beat him up. He tried using subtlelty by luring her with a saucer of milk while he readied himself with a mallet but she outsmarted him by drinking from a straw, then stealing the mallet and clobbering him with it. At this point, the dog concluded Flora was a) shunning him and b) had left an impression on him. After a failed attempt at poisoning her drink, he became a derelict, shunned by all (including Santa Claus) and losing everything while Flora has soared to a life of luxury. End of story. The dog gets ready to jump but instead decides to press onward no matter “what road he takes”. Alas, he is run over when crossing the street by a car driven by Flora!

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