His Prehistoric Past (1914)

His Prehistoric Past is a 1914 American short silent comedy film, written and directed by Charlie Chaplin, featuring a Chaplin in a stone-age kingdom trying to usurp the crown of King Low-Brow to win the affections of the king’s favorite wife. As this film was the final one that Chaplin made at Keystone Studios, it was also the last film he made with most of Keystone’s regular roster of comedians. Co-star Mack Swain would not appear in another Chaplin film until 1923 when he had a prominent role in the Chaplin silent film Pay Day.

Alternative titles: His Pre-historic Past | O Passado Pré-Histórico | Chaplin v praveku | Chaplins store Drøm | Charlot, en la edad de piedra | El sueño fantástico de Charlot | Charlot prehistórico | Charlot nudiste | Charlot e gli uomini preistorici | Charlot re per un giorno | アルコール先生原始時代の巻 | Chaplin drømmer | Charlie królem | Charlot, om preistoric | Его доисторическое прошлое | Charlies dröm | Şarlo Nüdist | Його доісторичне минуле | The Hula-Hula Dance | The Caveman | A Dream | King Charlie

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