Le prigioniere dell’isola del diavolo (1962)

The plot follows a noblewoman who, convicted of treason for political reasons, is sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil’s Island, a notorious penal colony for women near French Guyana.

Alternative titles: L’île des filles perdues | Затворници на Дяволския остров | L’île aux filles perdues | The Women Prisoners of Devil’s Island | Atrapadas en la isla del Diablo | Women of devil’s island | Women Prisoners of Devil’s Island | Le Prisonnier de l’île du diable | L’Île aux filles perdues | Aihmalotes tou nisiou tou diavolou | Prizonierele din insula diavolului | Women of Devil’s Island | Frauen für die Teufelsinsel

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