Leave Us Chase It (1947)

A cat who has just been chased by a mouse wielding a meat cleaver laments, “Why can’t I catch that mouse?!” A parrot reading “Superkatt” comics tells the feline he can if he just tries to emulate everyone’s favorite comic book hero. So he obtains a costume like Superkatt’s (a baby outfit) and after making a less-than-spectacular heroic entrance, chases the rodent consulting his comic for advice. He sets a trap with an enormous sack of flour set to flatten the rodent but it falls on him instead! He tries sucking the mouse out with a vacuum but only captures a vast bulldog. He tries blowing the mouse up with gun powder and then attacks him with pruning shears, finally going in after the mouse himself. The mouse escapes and destroys the now trapped cat with a powder keg.

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