Machine-Gun Kelly (1958)

George Kelly is angry at the world and scared to death of dying. A career bank robber, Kelly gets his confidence from his Thompson SMG and his girl Flo. After a botched robbery, Flo, Kelly and his gang try their hand at a more lucrative job: kidnapping.

Alternative titles: Kelly el ametralladora, Das Raubtier, Revolver-Kelly, Dominados Pelo Ódio, Verinen viikonloppu, Mitraillette Kelly, O gangster me to mystiriodes aftomato, Ο γκάνγκστερ με το μυστηριώδες αυτόματο, La legge del mitra, 機関銃ケリー, Kelly Mitralieră, Пулеметчик Келли, La ley de las armas, Machine Gun Kelly

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