Making A Living (1914)

Making a Living (also known as Doing His Best, A Busted Johnny, Troubles, and Take My Picture) is the first film starring Charlie Chaplin. A one-reel comedy short, it was completed in three days at Keystone Studios in Los Angeles, California and was released for distribution on February 2, 1914. In it Chaplin portrays a charming swindler who runs afoul of a news reporter and a Keystone Cop. In addition to co-writing the “scenario” and directing the production, Henry Lehrman performs as the principal supporting character.

Alternative titles: Carlitos Repórter | Chaplin si vydelává na zivobytí | Haciendo por la vida | Charlot, periodista | Charlot, reportero | Tienaamisen tuskat | Charlie på kärleksstigen | Greve Charlie Chaplin-reporten | Chaplin reportterina | Pour gagner sa vie | Chaplin, az újságíró | Charlot giornalista | 成功争ひ | Zarabiać na życie | Lupta pentru existenţă | Preživeti | Зарабатывая на жизнь | Chaplin som tidningsman | Şarlo Gazeteci | Заробляючи на життя | Take My Picture | Doing His Best | Troubles | A Busted Johnny

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