My Favorite Brunette (1947)

Ronnie Jackson is a lowly baby photographer who secretly fantasizes about being a private detective. When a lovely baroness actually mistakes him for one and asks him to help locate her missing husband, Baron Montay, Ronnie finds himself agreeing. Several days later he is on death row whiling away the hours until his execution by recounting to a group of reporters the bizarre tale of how he ended up there.

Alternative titles: Morena y de peligro | My Favourite Brunette | Приключение с брюнетка | Minha Morena Linda | En skør detektiv | Morena y peligrosa | Rikoskärpänen | La brune de mes rêves | Atromitos Sherlock Holmes | Kedvenc kis barnám | Az a kedves barna hölgy | La mia brunetta preferita | Bob Hope in de knoop | Bob som detektiv/Alle tiders detektiv | Moja brunetka | Morena e Perigosa | Bruneta mea favorita | Åh, en sån deckare! | Moya lyubimaya bryunetka | Моя любимая брюнетка | The Private Eye | My Favorite Blonde | Detektiv mit kleinen Fehlern | Moja omiljena crnka

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