Quicksand (1950)

Young auto mechanic Dan Brady takes $20 from a cash register at work to go on a date with blonde femme fatale Vera Novak. Brady intends to put the money back before it is missed, but the garage’s bookkeeper shows up earlier than scheduled. As Brady scrambles to cover evidence of his petty theft, he fast finds himself drawn into an ever worsening “quicksand” of crime.

Alternative titles: Drijfzand | Sables mouvants | Подвижни пясъци | Areia Movediça | Kviksand | Peligros de juventud | Pettävällä pohjalla | Sabbie mobili | Ruchome piaski | Areias Movediças | Nisip miscator | Gungfly | Зыбучий песок | Болото | Živi pesak

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