Shoulder Arms (1918)

Shoulder Arms is Charlie Chaplin’s second film for First National Pictures. Released in 1918, it is a silent comedy film set in France during World War I, the first of three films he made on the subject of war. It co-starred Edna Purviance and Sydney Chaplin, Chaplin’s elder brother. In this film, Chaplin is never in his Little Tramp outfit.

Alternative titles: Carlitos nas Trincheiras, Ombros, Armas!, Пушки на рамо, Dobrý voják Charlie, Gevær paa Skulder, Kivääri olalle vie!, Olalle vie, Charlot soldat, Gewehr über!, O Charlot sta harakomata, Ο Σαρλώ στα χαρακώματα, Chaplin, a katona, Charlot soldato, 担え銃, Armas al Hombro, På aksel gevær, Charlie żołnierzem, Charlot nas Trincheira, На плечо!, O desno rame, Dobrý vojak Chaplin, Pusko na rame, ¡Armas al hombro!, På axel gevär, Şarlo Asker, Tüfek Omza, На плече!, Camouflage, Armas al hombro, Đi Lính, О десно раме

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