Sitting Bull (1954)

Chief Sitting Bull of the Sioux tribe is forced by the Indian-hating General Custer to react with violence, resulting in the famous Last Stand at Little Bighorn. Parrish, a friend to the Sioux, tries to prevent the bloodshed, but is court- martialed for “collaborating” with the enemy. Sitting Bull, however, manages to intercede with President Grant on Parrish’s behalf. Written by Jim Beaver

Alternative titles: Das letzte Gefecht | Седящият бик | O Índio Heróico | Índio Heroico | Sitting Bull, el indio heroico | Die letzte Schlacht der Sioux | Die Rache des Sitting Bull | Sitting Bull – den store høvding | Sitting Bull: Casta de guerreros | Intiaanipäällikkö Istuva Härkä | I sfagi tis evdomis taxiarhias | Ülő Bika | La strage del 7º Cavalleggeri | 大酋長 | Dai shûchô | Het laatste gevecht | Siedzący Byk | O Último Guerreiro | Сидящий Бык | Kahramanlar savaşı | Сидячий бик

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