The Champion (1915)

The Champion is a 1915 American silent comedy film released by Essanay Studios, starring Charles Chaplin alongside Edna Purviance and Leo White. Essanay co-owner and star, Broncho Billy Anderson can be seen as an enthusiastic audience member in the boxing match scene.

Alternative titles: Battling Charlie, Champion Charlie, Campeão de Boxe, Шампионът, Charlot boxeur, Chaplin boxerem, Chaplin som Mesterbokser, Chaplin nyrkkeilijänä, Der Champion, Ο πρωταθλητής, A bokszbajnok, Chaplin, a bokszbajnok, Charlot eroe del ring, チャップリンの拳闘, Charlie bokserem, O Campeão, Чeмпион, Charlot, boxeador, Charlot, campeón, Charlot, campeón de boxeo, Charlie som boxare, Şarlo Boksör, Чемпіон, Charlie the Champion

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