The Outlaw (1943)

Newly appointed sheriff Pat Garrett is pleased when his old friend Doc Holliday arrives in Lincoln, New Mexico on the stage. Doc is trailing his stolen horse, and it is discovered in the possession of Billy the Kid. In a surprising turnaround, Billy and Doc become friends. This causes the friendship between Doc and Pat to cool. The odd relationship between Doc and Billy grows stranger when Doc hides Billy at his girl Rio’s place after Billy is shot.

Alternative titles: El proscrito | Geächtet | De banneling | Le banni | O Proscrito | Престъпникът | Le Banni | Vestens udstødte | Lainsuojaton | Lainsuojattomat | O paranomos | Ο παράνομος | A törvényenkívüli | Il mio corpo ti scalderà | ならず者 | Vogelvrij verklaard | Den fredløse | Banita | A Terra dos Homens Perdidos | Proscrisul | Вне закона | El forajido | Fuera de la ley | Fora de la llei | Den laglöse | Kanun Dışı

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