The Perils of Pauline (1947)

Funloving Pearl White, working in a garment sweatshop, gets her big chance when she “opens” for a delayed Shakespeare play…with a comic vaudeville performance. Her brief stage career leads her into those “horrible” moving pictures, where she comes to love the chaotic world of silent movies, becoming queen of the serials. But the consequences of movie stardom may be more than her leading man can take

Alternative titles: Los peligros de Paulina | Pauline in Gefahren | Les périls de Pauline | De beproevingen van Pauline | Minha Vida e Meus Amores | Les exploits de Pearl White | Vovehalsen Pauline | På et hængende hår | Vaarojen sankaritar | Οι περιπέτειες της Πολίνας | Αι περιπέτειαι της Πωλίνας | La storia di Pearl White | ポーリンの冒険 | Pauline in gevaar | Os Perigos de Paulina | Sensationernas kvinna | Cesta ku hviezdam | Злоключения Полины | Випробовування Пауліни

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