Triple Trouble (1918)

Triple Trouble is a two-reel American silent comedy film that was released in 1918. It stars Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, and Leo White. This film was not an official Chaplin film, even though it has many Chaplin-directed scenes; after he left the studio,Essanay edited it together using outtakes and newly shot footage directed by Leo White. It had already been established in court that Chaplin had no legal control over the films made during his time with Essanay and could not prevent its release.

Alternative titles: Carlitos em Apuros, Тройна неприятност, Les avatars de Charlot, Τριπλά και διπλά, Háromszoros baj, Charlot e le spie, 三つ巴事件, Potrójne kłopoty, Charlot é Sempre Charlot, Avatarurile lui Charlot, Тройные неприятности, Aventuras de Charlot, Aventuras y desventuras de Charlot, Las desdichas de Charlot, Husassistenten, Потрійна халепа, Charlie’s Triple Trouble

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