Undertow (1949)

Undertow stars Scott Brady as a gambler just out of wartime military service. No longer interested in wagers and speculations, Brady wants only to open up a mountain vacation lodge. Before this can take place, Brady is framed for murder, and forced to hide out in the home of Peggy Dow. With the help of Dow and a policeman friend, Brady searches for the real murderer. Watch carefully in Undertow and you’ll spot new Universal contractee “Roc” Hudson as a plainclothes detective.

Alternative titles: Zarpazos del destino | Sangue Acusador | Millionbyens underverden | Une balle dans le dos | Chicago, bolgia infernale | Acusado Inocente | Resac | Mordmysteriet | Поддержка | Frame-Up | The Big Frame | Tödlicher Sog | Podzemlje Čikaga

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