Hanawa Hekonai meitô no maki (1917)

Namakura Gatana, meaning “dull-edged sword,” is a four-minute comedy about a samurai who, thanks to his dull instrument, loses every time he attacks a weak opponent. In order to examine the sword, he tries to attack passers-by, but lower-class townspeople fight back and knock him down.

Alternative titles: Namakura Gatana | An Obtuse Sword | 塙凹内名刀之巻 | The Fine Sword | Hanawa Hekonai shintô no maki | Тупой меч | The Dull Sword | Banboko uchimeito (shinto) no maki namakura katana

Notes: Considered the oldest anime film which is still preserved.

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the oldest anime?

June 18, 2023

The details and artistic work in this is AMAZING considering how old this animation is! So much respect to Junichi Kouchi, Kisaburo Kobayashi and Kobayashi Shokai for making this masterpiece.

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