Hangar 18 (1980)

During a Space Shuttle mission a satellite rams a unidentified flying object. The UFO afterwards performs an emergency landing in the deserts of Arizona. However the White House denies its existence because of the near presidential elections. The UFO is brought to the secret Hangar 18 and the accident is blamed on the incompetence of the astronauts Bancroff and Price. But the two fight against this and try to hunt down the UFO.

Alternative titles: Space Connection | Κολούμπια 3: Σύγκρουση στις πύλες του ουρανού | Columbia 3: Sygrousi stis pyles tou ouranou | UFO Arizonában | HANGER 18/ハンガー18 | Ангар 18 | The Hangar 18 Cover-Up | Geheimsache Hangar 18 | Invasion Force

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