Moontide (1942)

After a drunken night out, a longshoreman thinks he may have killed a man.

Alternative titles: Nacht im Hafen | Liefdebootje | La péniche d’amour | Лунен прилив | Brumas | Strømkæntring | Moontide (Marea de luna) | Marea de luna | Hyökyaalto | La péniche de l’amour | Apokliroi tis zois | A szerelem kikötője | Ondata d’amore | 夜霧の港 | Borrasca | Het schuim der zee | Nocny przypływ | Maré Cheia | Maree de lună | Stormdriven | Полнолуние | Tegljenje

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A Must Watch

March 30, 2024

I absolutely love this noir movie! I have watched it repeatedly and even purchased the movie.

When I started watching it the first time I thought it was a slow moving story but I stuck with watching… The further the story went along the more interesting. It tells such a deep rooted story of love the two people had for each other and their unconditional acceptance/love of each other.

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Elaine M Guyer

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