The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)

Three childhood friends, Martha, Walter and Sam, share a terrible secret. Over time, the ambitious Martha and the pusillanimous Walter have married. She is a cold businesswoman; he is the district attorney: a perfect combination to dominate the corrupt city of Iverstown at will. But the unexpected return of Sam, after years of absence, deeply disturbs the life of the odd couple.

Alternative titles: El extraño amor de Martha Ivers | Seltsame Liebe der Martha Ivers | Странната любов на Марта Айвърс | O Tempo Não Apaga | L’emprise du crime | Podivná láska Marty Iversové | Die seltsame Liebe der Martha Ivers | Den gådefulde Martha Ivers | L’estrany amor de Marta Ivers | Martha Iversin outo rakkaus | En diabolisk kvinna | Paholaisnainen | L’Emprise du crime | Αμαρτωλές γυναίκες | Amartoles gynaikes | Čudna ljubav Marthe Ivers | Martha Ivers furcsa szerelme | Lo strano amore di Marta Ivers | 呪いの血 | El extraño caso de Martha Ivers | Mysteriet Martha Ivers | Dziwna miłość Marthy Ivers | Dziwna miłość Marty Ivers | O Estranho Amor de Martha Ivers | Strania iubire a lui Martha Ivers | Fallet Martha Ivers | Странная любовь Марты Айверс | Martha Ivers’in Aşkı | Love Lies Bleeding | Meaningful Glances | Strange Love | Cudna ljubav Marte Ivers

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