Reign of Terror (1949)

The French Revolution, 1794. The Marquis de Lafayette asks Charles D’Aubigny to infiltrate the Jacobin Party to overthrow Maximilian Robespierre, who, after gaining supreme power and establishing a reign of terror ruled by death, now intends to become the dictator of France.

Alternative titles: La sombra de la guillotina | Herrschaft des Schreckens | Sous la terreur | Чeрната книга | A Sombra da Guilhotina | El reinado del terror | Yllämme giljotiini | Le livre noir | The Black Book | Nyhtes tis vastillis | Il regno del terrore | 恐怖時代 | 秘密指令 | El libro negro | 24 Timers frist | Fireogtyve timers frist | No Reinado do Terror | Skräcknätter i Paris | Господство террора | Guillotine | Dämon von Paris | Das schwarze Buch | Vladavina terora

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