Tarzan the Fearless (1933)

Mary Brooks’ father, who has been studying ancient tribes, falls into the hands of “the people of Zar, god of the Emerald Fingers.” Tarzan helps Mary locate her father, rescues everyone from the High Priest of Zar, and takes Mary to his cave.

Alternative titles: Les nouvelles aventures de Tarzan l’intrépide | Tarzan de onversaagde | Tarzan de stoutmoedige | Tarzan l’intrepide | Tarzan, O Destemido | Tarzan der Furchtlose | Tarzan den Frygtløse | Tarzán de las fieras | Tarzan, peloton | Tarzan l’intrépide | Tarzan, o atromitos | Ταρζάν, ο ατρόμητος | Tarzan, a félelmetes | Tarzan, a rettenthetetlen | Tarzan l’indomabile | Tarzan o Destemido | Tarzan neustrašivi | Tarzan den orädde | Тарзан бесстрашный | Tarzan | Tarzan the Invincible | Tarzán, el audaz

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