Dishonored Lady (1947)

Art editor Madeleine Damian carries on numerous loveless affairs. After a failed relationship with advertiser Felix Courtland, the increasingly depressed Madeleine attempts suicide. When Jack Garet, her secretary and former lover, tries to blackmail her, Madeleine resigns and seeks a reclusive life. Neighbor David Cousins befriends Madeleine, but soon Courtland and Garet discover her whereabouts and disrupt her new life.

Alternative titles: Frau ohne Moral? | La femme déshonorée | De onteerde vrouw | Mulher Caluniada | Kvinden uden ære | Deshonrada | Pasión que redime | Häväisty nainen | I atimasmeni | Disonorata | La calumniada | Caluniada | Vanärad | Обесчещенная леди | Sins of Madeleine | Osramocena dama

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